Free Pageplus Activation

PagePlus Pros will activate any compatible CDMA phone on PagePlus for you for FREE! Simply fill out the form below and submit. Upon successful activation, you will receive a complimentary 2 dollar credit to test your new PagePlus service. If you have a Verizon non-4G phone it does not require flashing. Further requirements are listed below:


  • Phones MUST have a clean ESN/MEID.
  • Phone cannot be currently active on a PagePlus/Verizon account.
  • Verizon 4G phones and non Verizon phones must be flashed prior to activation.
  • (You can purchase a Pre-Flashed Android or Apple device directly from PagePlusPros)
  1. Add your phone’s ESN or MEID number (What is ESN/MEID ?)
  2. Add your zip code (this is used to give phone number with area code)
  3. Add valid Email ( so we can send your Phone number and activation status)

Are you with another carrier and would like to transfer/port your number? Please contact us before doing an activation!

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ESN/MEID*       :

Zip Code*          :

Email *               :

Confirm Email * :

Please check your EMAIL for your NEW PHONE NUMBER and programming instructions

Go to our bill payment page: Once you pay your bill you will instantly receive your Refill Pin along with easy to use instructions to replenish your balance

The ESN/MEID is typically located under the battery. To be sure you must check the ESN/MEID under the settings of your phone. The ESN/MEID is the number that begins with (27********) or (A00000******)